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Internation Missions to Russia

Last summer, I served on a short-term mission in Petrozavodsk, Russia through East European Missions Network.  Our team taught conversational English to Russian students using themes and stories from the Bible as text.  At the end of both teaching weeks, a Russian Bible was offered to all students who did not have a Bible of their own.  (See photo of children receiving a Bible)   One of the students, 11-year-old Sofya, (front row far right with circle around her head) seemed especially responsive to the messages of love and hope.  Recently, Sofya sent an email message that included the following comment:  "I read my Bible with pleasure".   Seeds were planted during the English Language Summer School last year and are now growing in Sofya's life.   -Vi Hansen, Short-Term Missionary



EEMN Training update

The past two weeks we have been studying spiritual and cross cultural differences. Using Acts 1:10 and Phillipians 2:1-15 as key verses, we are learning that not only did God desire for us to be missionaries, locally and globally(Acts1:10), but Jesus gave us a perfect and expert example of how to be a missionary, through his incarnation as a humble human servant (Phil 2:1-15). To those of us going across seas, this means that as we become part of these new cultures for a short time, we are to go in as humble servants to this new culture, and to God. We have to let go of our preconceived notions of “how we are going to change people”, and “how we are going to improve their lives”, and just go in as empty vessels, for God to use. If Jesus could come to earth as a humble human, rather than a powerful, rich, all-knowing god, how could we expect to go into a foreign country as the powerful, rich, all-knowing Americans that we think we are?  Beyond that, while we are missionaries “ in Jerusalem”, or in our own surroundings, shouldn’t we be just as humble and mindful everyday of how God can use us to spread His Good News?


We look forward to sharing more training updates with you over the next 10 weeks.  Thanks!  Vi, Amy, Dave, Lin, Liam & Diana

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