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Small Groups
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Per Ted Haggard in “Dog Training, Fly fishing, & Sharing Christ”, in small groups the practical integration of biblical principles and godly practice in most people’s lives is worked out in relationships.  It requires that others grow with them, suffer with them, laugh with them, and enjoy life with them…all while they are intentionally coaching and being coached in life.
We call our small group ministry – Life Groups!
Life Groups is where the rubber hits the road for our church.  These groups provide additional opportunities for teaching, discussion, growth and fellowship. Typically, the Life Groups are convened during a concurrent sermon series topic such as the “Christian Tool Box” where the groups discussed the most essential qualities required in Christian living and how to put them to work in our community, and “Dinner with Jesus” where the groups met during a meal to discuss and learn from some of Jesus’ own dinner conversations, such as dinner at Matthew’s home (Mt. 9.9-13), Martha and Mary’s (Lk 10.38-44), a Pharisee’s (Lk 14.1-24), Simon’s (Lk 7.36-50) and in the Upper Room (Jn 13.1-17).


Currently, Life Groups are discussing the current Sermon Series, Changed Lives .  They will also be doing service projects. Previously some groups were found to be showering much needed supplies on our service men overseas.
  Pastor Dave Sorensen 

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