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Compassion for Haiti Fundraising Event

Title:  “Farming Haiti into Prosperity”etienne_points_to_boco_villagee.jpg

You may still help Etienne Francois by donating on line. Click on the green "Give Online" button at the top of this website. Select "Special Fund" and, in the optional memo line indicate "CFH Donation" to help with the program - OR - indicate "CFH Goat" to go toward the goat program (females are $55 and males are $250). 


Etienne Francois is and has been an agronomist training and serving Haitian farmers for 20 years in crop management, animal husbandry and distribution planning. This program will highlight issues and solutions, both present and future, to the significant Haitian food security challenges.


A BIG THANK YOU! to all who braved the wet weather to attend the Compassion for Haiti (C4H) Fundraising event last Tuesday. We raised a total of $9,825 with an additional $1000 pledged! Etienne will now have sufficient funds to purchase his much-needed pickup truck!!!


We are, of course, still accepting donations for C4H.  These can be either for general purposes or specifically for goats. As we heard on Tuesday night, Etienne has trained many children in 5 different communities in goat care but still has a need for many more goats for these children.  This is a wonderful Christmas gift! Female goats cost $55, male goats cost $250.  Insert cards are available for gift giving.  


The CoFaith website has a new online donation feature! If you would like to donate to Compassion for Haiti, you may either provide a check or donate online to “Special Funds” with a memo of “C4H Goats” or “C4H donation”.


Questions? Contact Cindy/Bob Jackson, or Sue/Tim Kitch. 

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